Newspaper Content

Missing Content and Variations

The digitization is based on the 1970s microfilms held in the Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense. Missing pages in the microfilm are also missing in the digitization.

Relevant missing content:

  • The March 17 issue displays only the first two pages of the newspaper.
  • March 18 displays only the last two pages of the issue.

Other relevant information:

  • The February 22 issue is double: it contains a 4 pages supplement on the African expedition: “Supplemento straordinario illustrato al Giornale, ‘La spedizione d’Africa.’”
  • The newspaper does not appear on February 23, however, the supplement has been digitized.
  • No issue was published on Monday April 6 (Easter Sunday was April 5).
  • On July 1, the newspaper is distributed with a booklet on “Il mondo prima della creazione dell’uomo” (the booklet is not included in the microfilm-digitized version).
  • On August 9, the newspaper was distributed with the first issue “I bisogni della vita e gli elementi della prosperità” by G. Rengade, as a separate booklet to be given to newspaper clients (the booklet is not included in the microfilm-digitized version).