Newspaper Metadata

Each newspaper issue is indexed independently. Click on the date of the issue you would like to consult to display the first pages of the newspaper. Below the newspaper display you will find a “summary” that reports the front page main titles. The titles recorded are either stand-alone titles or recurring headlines (rubriche) found in each issue (on the first column on the left there is usually information about subscriptions and subscriber prizes; it is not indexed).

There are usually two recurring rubriche in the front page: “Corrispondenza telegrafica del secolo” (telegraph dispatches) and “Attraverso i secoli” (cultural and historical notes). For “Corrispondenza telegrafica,” the first title of the first correspondence is considered a subtitle, so it follows the heading “Corrispondenza telegrafica” after a colon; the following telegraph dispatch titles are treated independently, i.e. after a semicolon (;).

At this stage of the project, only the first page content is indexed. Page 2 and 3 also contain recurring rubriche, for example “Echi italici,” “Spigolature italiane” and “Spigolature estere,” as well as specific news items with an individual title.

Installments of novels and their authors are not indexed in the “summary,” but indexed independently. They can be found in the “Issue details” tab, on the “subject(s)” line. For the novels, indication of the page (or part) number is given, when available. This page numbers usually corresponded to the pagination once the novel was bound into book format.

A sample of interesting news items can be found here as a possible starting point for browsing the collection; it is by no means exhaustive, but it does give a sense of how broad and varied the newspaper content was.