Tips for Searching

Write a query in the search field. All words must appear on a page to be returned. Use OR (capitalized) between words to search for either word and AND (capitalized) for search results that contain both. Enclose a phrase within quotation marks to search for words occurring together.

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Sample Search

The Images below show you how to search the collection.

To do a basic search on the metadata of the text, you may use the basic search box that appears on the main Il secolo page in Islandora. This will only search the metadata that has been provided (e.g. titles for a select number of articles or rubriche). Please note that when using the basic search, it will not search the content of the articles.

You may also select “Advanced search” when searching. This will search the text of the articles. Please note, however, that the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is not very good for these newspapers. As a result, it is very likely that words that occur in the articles will not show up in your search results. Additionally, when Islandora returns search results within the newspaper, it will only indicate which page the words are on. It does not highlight where the word appears on the page. We recommend browsing and reading through some articles or searching for article titles.

When using the Advanced Search function, you may use operators “OR” or “AND”.

When your reach the results page, you can arrange the items by Relevance, Title, Date, and other categories to more easily find the content you are looking for.